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May  2016


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Hello again to you all 

Myself and Martin Orford had yet another successful house gig last weekend. Once again with Paul Brewer as

host yet this time at his new and extensively renovated place in the quiet suburbs of Chandlers Ford.

He has designed the downstairs area so that more house gigs can take place in the future. Francis Dunnery

will be playing there on 3rd June.


We had a great turn out and played a one off set of more than 2 hours which comprised scaled down

Jadis and IQ songs including some material from the forthcoming Jadis album and then we took it upon ourselves to play

a few ‘very high risk’ cover versions including Camels (Ice), Yes (Wondrous Stories) Genesis (Ripples) then

 Carpet Crawlers and Solsbury Hill which we played using Acoustic Guitar and Cittern which is one of many of Martin’s 

medieval instruments which he has mastered. Martin also introduced the Hurdy Gurdy ; It is a small fat Guitar

looking instrument which makes a drone sound as a hand cranked rosined wheel ‘bow’s’ the Violin like strings.

The action looks  a bit  like a bus conductors ticket machine circa. 1970 crossed with a mangle. 

It has a great sound and we managed to shoe horn a section of Spinal Taps ‘Stonehenge’

into the ‘Gurdy’ piece. It was a great evening.


The next Jadis studio album ‘ No Fear of Looking Down’ is nearing completion which I’m very excited about and very

happy with the tunes. Martin will be adding some of his unique keyboard parts and backing vocals to it as he has a higher range 

than me and our voice mix works well together. We are also going to print a limited vinyl version of the album.


More info. soon

Bye for now





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I had a great time supporting Pendragon on their recent tour. We played some brilliant places I got to visit some wonderful cities with the hours of spare time that I had , the band and crew were fantastic and we had a lot of fun.




The link below is a  youtube snippet of a new Jadis tune 'A thousand staring eyes' which will be on the forthcoming 'Medium Rare 2' CD.

'A thousand staring eyes'




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